idi INGEGNERIA DEGLI IDROCARBURI is structured in specialist units able to carry out basic engineering, final design, construction and supervision for the construction of industrial installations, in Chemical, Petrochemical and Natural Gas.

Our operational areas include:


The Process Department is available to develop specific activities such as Feasibility Studies, Basic Engineering and to assist Technical Disciplines during the whole Project up to detail Engineering, Construction and Start-up.

In detail the Process Department is committed to perform all of its typical activities such as Studies definition, Heat & Material Balance with simulator, development of process flow diagrams and P&IDs, sizing and specification of Process Main Item, the development of process documents / HSE for the authorities, the definition of Hazardous Areas electrical Classification for the new Installation, HAZOP and SIL studies support, etc.

Fluid transfer study

  • Pipe lines fluid dynamics
  • Compressor and pumping stations
  • Oil and gas network and pipe-lines
  • Heat loss study
  • Surveys of piping routing and pipelines
  • Plan surveying
  • Mechanical properties of the pipes (material and thickness)

Civil works and metallic structures

  • Topographic surveys, study earth movements
  • Civil and industrial buildings or partially prefabricated
  • Foundations of machinery and equipment
  • Storage tanks and installations for the treatment and purification of water, sewer and drainage
  • Metal structures, new or revamping
  • Road and crossovers internal to the plant
  • Prefabbricated modules (from the preliminary study to the placement site in both onshore and offshore)

Coastal maritime works and off shore

  • Facilities for moorings
  • Modeling jacket structures
  • Calculations, modeling, deck structures
  • HVAC systems

Electrical installations

  • Wiring diagrams and electrical balance
  • Basic design and detailed design of electrical system
  • Feasibility studies and cost estimate
  • Hazardous area classification in accordance with international standards
  • Technical specifications for electrical panels and transformer stations
  • AC motor drives, lighting systems and communication
  • Electrical distribution and ground networks

Instrumentation and control systems

  • Definition of the functional specifications of the "Instrumentation System" (control system philosophy, equipment type, system solutions, rules and standards, etc.)
  • Definition of the basic concepts for the "Package Systems instrumentation"


idi INGEGNERIA DEGLI IDROCARBURI has an IT department which focuses on providing support to the various disciplines in relation to the various specialized applications (eg Intergraph application, Tekla Harpaceas, ESApro Isometrics, etc.)

Internal technical and management systems:

  • TANGRAM - Software for the management of material lists. It can be interfaced with SmartPlant Materials for piping class and PDS and ESAPro for the Bill Of Material
  • DIRM -  Software for managing of material requisitions
  • ORDI - Software for management of Inquiries, Technical tabulation and orders
  • GEXP - Management Software expediting
  • SUMA - Software for piping supports management and materials
  • GEDI - Software for document management

CAD systems:

  • Tekla Structures
  • ESA Pro 3d Piping
  • ESA Pro Isometrics

Other systems:

  • SAP2000 ®
  • SmartPlant Materials ®
  • SmartPlant Instrumentation ®
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